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Hunt On For Stolen Uk Cars

27 May 2017 - 08:52

MORE THAN 40 luxury cars have been stolen from Britain and sent to Thailand, according to Thai and British authorities.

Of them, at least three have already been sold to buyers who may not know about the illegal background of the dream cars.

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) launched an investigation to locate the stolen vehicles after being contacted by Britain’s National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

“By now, we have found that three of the stolen cars have already been sold,” DSI deputy chief Pol Lt-Colonel Korrawat Panprapakorn said yesterday. He said they were two BMW M4s and one Porsche Cayenne.

He said six other stolen cars had already been impounded from suspected wrongdoers by authorities. One stolen Porsche Boxster was still parked in the Customs Department’s Duty-Free Zone.

“We will try to locate the rest,” he said.

British authorities told the DSI that the luxury cars were bought through car loans, with buyers paying just a few instalments before shipping the cars to Thailand and lodging a car-theft complaint in the UK to claim insurance compensations, Korrawat said.

The DSI and the Customs Department have now joined forces in investigating allegations of import-duty evasion by car importers and dealers going back five years.

DSI chief Pol Colonel Paisit Wongmuang told the press conference yesterday that 160 cars had been impounded after two previous raids.

Raids at nine locations on May 18 resulted in the seizure of 122 luxury vehicles from Niche Car Group showrooms. On May 24, 38 luxury cars were confiscated after raids at six locations.

As the vehicle importers allegedly quoted much lower prices, it was estimated that the cars – including brands such as Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari – evaded the high customs duty of 300 per cent which could mean the country suffered Bt3 billion in lost revenue.

Investigators were still gathering evidence and related documents seized from the importers and dealers to determine if the cars evaded tax.

Paisit said the lengthy investigation stemmed from an incident in 2013 when luxury cars caught fire during transportation in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Kalng Dong district.

He said the DSI and Customs would work together to determine the unpaid tax amount, the criminal prosecutions that might be involved and the legal proceeding.

Customs Department Director-General Kulis Sombatsiri said that the two agencies would join forces to look at car imports to Thailand over the past five years that may be involved in tax evasion and vehicle theft.

Korrawat said the DSI had |not determined if any of the importers and dealers had broken the law but would proceed with legal actions against those deemed law violators.

Asked why Customs released cars with so-low declared prices out, Kulis said the agency would generally believe and accept the prices as stated in the submitted invoices from importers.

He also admitted that some Customs officials were being investigated by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the result of which would released in September.Kulis said the new Customs Act which was due to come into effect in November, would be helpful in preventing such crime.

It would allow goods passing through Thailand to be held for 30 days before going on to a destination country or being taken out and taxed for sale in Thailand – or else it would be confiscated as the country’s assets.


Getting so you can't do anything illegal these days. What's the point in being a criminal?  :(

New Doctors Object To Harsh Military-Style Training Course

27 May 2017 - 04:28

NEW DOCTORS have complained about military-style training during a civil servant orientation course, saying it was not relevant to their profession and was too harsh.

The Public Health Ministry, however, has maintained that there is nothing wrong about such training, as it encourages discipline, harmony, and endurance.

Pictures and video clips from the training have been shared on social media sites since Thursday, showing new interns taking part in several military-style training exercises, such as running through a blaze, night jungle trekking and crawling under barbed wire.

The training, part of the new civil servant orientation of Health Provider Regional 5, has sparked much criticism on the Internet.

A new intern who participated in the event and asked to be named as Benz said that the intensive training was held at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy as part of a five-day orientation course for new civil servant. Two full days were spent on the military-style ground training.

“I was in the last group during the training and started the training at around 7pm, so we had to participate in every activity in the dark. We had to trek through the dark jungle in the rain. We asked the trainers to change the programme because it was very dangerous to trek in the jungle in that situation, but failed,” Benz said.

“I felt terrible and abused, because the trainers, who were soldiers, insulted us and used bad words to address us. I suffered both physically and mentally and I did not see any benefit from this kind of training.”

She stated that the new interns did not resist the harsh training because they were told that if they skipped the training they would fail the orientation and would not be enlisted as civil servants.

“I have heard that this training has been going on for at least five years and the senior interns have already complained about this to the Public Health Ministry, but nothing was improved,” Benz said.

Dr Bantawit Sudsanguan, a former intern at Health Provider Regional 2, said he had heard of the harsh training during the civil servant orientation in some of other areas since he attended a similar activity three years ago. But what he experienced at the orientation of Regional 2 was totally different.

“There was just a seminar on the general topics about being a good civil servant and a good doctor in the hotel seminar room, and there was no such military-style training,” Bantawit said.

Inspector-general Region 5 Dr Pisit Sriprasert said that it was true that the new interns from Regional 5 participated in the military-style training programme but he insisted the training was aligned with the Civil Service Commission Office’s regulations.

“The intention of this training is to encourage discipline, harmony, and endurance of the new doctors and prepare them to be a good civil servant. I know that many of the new doctors were not familiar with the military-style training, so it is understandable that they are not happy with the training and complained on social media,” Pisit said.

“We provide proper safety to all interns during the training. Moreover, the executives of the ministry also participated in military-style training before, so we include this activity in the new civil servant orientation.”
However, he said that as there was so much criticism over this year’s training, the ministry would adjust next year’s training to suit new doctors more.

Benz said, however, the reasoning that the training would boost the discipline and harmony of the interns was invalid. She said most of the interns are already grown-up and the nature of being a doctor forces them to work in a team.


Videos Crash Pc?

25 May 2017 - 04:01

Lately I've been experiencing frequent computer crashes. It seem that Youtube or other videos cause it. I avoid watching videos, but sometimes I click on a link where a video starts without my asking. This is quite annoying.

Any ideas what's going on and how to correct it?

Chinese Tourists In Thailand, Vietnam ‘Dumped’ If They Shun Forced Shopping Trips, Stat...

23 May 2017 - 13:11

Chinese tourists taking part in tour groups in Thailand and Vietnam are often abandoned by the roadside if they refuse to shop for overpriced goods in designated stores, a major way for guides to earn cash, according to an investigation conducted by Chinese state media.

In one case more than 20 tourists from Inner Mongolia were left by the roadside in Thailand after they refused to pay for a 1,800 yuan (US$260) shopping programme as part of their tour earlier this month, the state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

Tourists who refused to shop at set stores in Vietnam can also be left off the tour bus, or their windows are forcibly shut and the air conditioning turned off, the report said. Tourists usually have to get off the bus and visit stores as a result, they were quoted as saying.

Most guides for Chinese tour groups in Vietnam and Thailand are Chinese because of the lack of local guides who speak Putonghua, industry insiders told Xinhua.*

One common practice in Thailand is for Chinese travel agencies to attract tourists by offering extremely low priced or “zero dollar” tours and to sell on the tour group to local agencies in Thailand. The Thai agencies then “sell” the tourists to tour guides for 1,000 yuan per head. The guides have to rely on commission from stores visited to cover the tour costs, industry insiders said.

Chinese made over 8.7 million trips to Thailand last year and 7.9 million in 2015.


*Which happens to be illegal. Tour guide is a restricted occupation.

Army Chief Condemns Bomb Blast At Hospital As The Worst Ever

22 May 2017 - 11:46

Army Commander-in-Chief General Chalermchai Sitthisart condemned the bomb blast at Mongkutklao hospital as the worst ever explosion with an intention to kill or maim because the device contained many nails and most of the victims were retirees.

“This is the worst ever bombing incident. Normally they do not attack a hospital, even at a time of war,” said the army chief as he asked members of the public to condemn the perpetrators and to provide information to the authorities if they have any which help in tracking down the perpetrators.

The army chief suggested that the perpetrators of this latest incident might be the same group which was responsible for the bomb explosions in front of the Government Lottery Office and the National Theatre.

He said the perpetrators did not intend to discredit the government but wanted to create chaos.

Officials concerned were told to beef up security while the City Hall was urged to upgrade and increase the number of surveillance cameras in the city.

Altogether 21 people were injured, including an elderly woman who was seriously injured.

Bomb experts, meanwhile, said that the bomb was a low explosive device which was not intended to kill. They added that it could not be confirmed at this stage it was the same type of bombs that went off in front of the National Theatre recently.


p.s. Politics or our "friends" from the deep south?