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In Topic: Manchester Bombing

Today, 02:04

Many reports of warnings about the bomber being coming out now. Locking the barn after the horse was stolen ...

But I bet such reports will be taken more seriously now.

In Topic: Crab Mistakes Nudist For Oyster

Yesterday, 05:59

When I was 8 years old, my mother took us on a long trip by train to southern California to say goodbye to an elderly great aunt who was dying. One of my memories is of seeing many people camping in tents on the beaches. When we moved to California some years later, I noticed no one camped on the beach any more. I asked my uncle why. He said the police had banned it because it was too dangerous ... too many robberies, rapes, murders. :surprised:

I can understand why some folks long for the past.

In Topic: New Doctors Object To Harsh Military-Style Training Course

Yesterday, 05:51

Making their alms rounds in formation?

In Topic: Global RIP thread

Yesterday, 05:47

In Topic: Any New Jokes

27 May 2017 - 12:36

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