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In Topic: Crackdown On 'beg-Packers'

Today, 10:25

I thought the statutory declaration was now history, has to be funds in a Thai bank and with docs to show it's there as of submission date and has been the requisite time.

Tell me I'm wrong and a stat dec is all that's required?

In Topic: Crackdown On 'beg-Packers'

Today, 10:24

View PostPretendingtobemale, on 24 July 2017 - 10:03, said:

Some of the girls are quite cute from the photo's - I'd give 1000 baht to fuck them. Love to have the boyfriend watch,

Hey, I'm fucking your girl so you can travel the world for free! Excellent!, Thanks Mate!

Been there, done that, almost, no boyfriend involved though. She was Italian, not so much a beg packer as just realised it was a cool way to make enough cash to enjoy the lifestyle. Why give it away when it still sells. Good deal for me too, she was a fine piece and we had a great 2 nights then she moved on.

In Topic: Crackdown On 'beg-Packers'

Today, 06:23

I know this is thread drift but I'm curious. Is the 65k/month which is 780k a year related to the 800k a year? If in the case of being married where the requirement is 400k what is the monthly income equivalent?

Equally confusing is should someone wish to show funds of 400k or 800k and (I'm assuming here) this has to be in a Thai bank and all banks have refused to provide even a savings account on account (sic) of not having a work permit. This seems a bit catch 22. What's the solution?

In Topic: Time Theft From Phones?

21 July 2017 - 05:27

If only traditional phone and SMS service is required then best practice would be to do a full factory reset so as to get a raw phone with minimum extras installed then turn off data service completely. This makes any smart phone pretty stupid but should just about maximize battery and minimise "unknown" charges.

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth also

In Topic: Time Theft From Phones?

20 July 2017 - 05:37

Maybe applications using data to update automatically in the background.
Location services that send and receive data when as you move around.