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Yesterday, 01:05

Snake Alley, what's left of it. Used to be an amazing, if not slightly horrifying place, my fav memory is the vending machine, the type that drops a claw down from above

The museum is amazing! The KMT took all the great stuff out of Beijing, stuck it on trains, stuck the carriages on boats and sailed to Taiwan with the most amazing collection. It's still stored in Carriages I am told, but the exhibitions rotate regularly and truely great to see.

Some nice "old quarters" in Taipei that remind me of Tokyo and Hong Kong back streets. Full of vegetarian restaurants. Taiwanese are nuts about being vegetarian, but oddly,

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Yesterday, 00:42

Amazing to see he raised $2.6 Billion! That alone should make him worth honouring. I had no idea. http://www.abc.net.a...hy-work/8826006

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Yesterday, 00:26

Non won;t affect the booked date.

You should be able to go online now and using your booking reference to choose seats, meals etc, If i know I have zero chance of getting an upgrade I often shoose a meal. It means it comes out first, so you finish first, then you get to do to the dunny first before the queues start

In Topic: Question For The Flequent Fryers ...

20 August 2017 - 12:11

I'll and have lunch with you.

I think what you;ve booked without seeing the class or anything is a fare that costs more, but you can change the date easily,

In Topic: Islamic State Strikes In Barcelona

19 August 2017 - 05:23

Gee's Charlotteville an terrorist did the same thing and we get told it was provocation!