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Stickman Article: Hidden Cameras/thai Nightlife - And - Rise Of The Thai Vloggers

10 May 2017 - 10:17


Good read, was happy to see this article -  a topic a few friends and I have speculated on a lot over the past year:  the phenomenon of youtube channels filming the bar areas with hidden cameras (and how it's done so clearly) for profit, how long they'll get away with it, and what to think about it.

Separate of that there is also the emergence of a plethora of Thai Video Vloggers with youtube channels - Sonny Scholenbruch (had some sort of nervous breakdown online though), Rob/20 seconds in Thailand, Kev in Thailand (pattaya), Scott Mallon, etc. etc. etc.

I actually like that this happening, but it does give unearned credibility to a group of 'amateurs' and there is no check on the accuracy of what life here is portrayed as -- which leads to interesting results.  But overall I see it as a kind of video version of forums like this (when they were more active).

Japanese Experience The Wonders Of Marmite. Yummy!

09 June 2015 - 00:45

Random Pics

11 May 2015 - 19:03

gotta do something with this shite. :)

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Deleted Posts In The Wrong Section - Of The 3Rd Kind

03 May 2015 - 08:41

"If your ego starts out, 'I am important, I am big, I am special,' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered about the universe. No, you're not big. No, you're not. You're small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that's limited on Earth."
-Neil deGrasse Tyson

It was a Wednesday I believe, towards the beginning of April.  One of those hot lazy afternoons where you have the aircon full blast and a cold fucking heineken in hand, seeking out some escape from the oppressive and dirty ways of mother nature.

Tablet in hand I went to peruse the interwebs and turned my attention to this forum.  There I saw a peculiar posting and clicked on it — it brought me to an empty page.


As I chuckled to myself the network connection was lost and something akin to the white noise on a non-functional TV channel populated my screen.  Odd.  And then, everything got a bit fuzzy.

The next thing I remember is lying in a vacant lot on some long stretch of Ratchada Road.  ‘How the fuck did I get here!?’  A Tuk Tuk driver pulled over, I thought to give me help - - but no, and handed me a crumpled up napkin.  wtf.  I called out for him to wait but he scurried off into the afternoon heat.  Sweat started to ooze and went to use the napkin to wipe my face off, and that’s when I saw it on the napkin, the number.  “053219490” was scrawled in green crayon.  What’s this - a massage parlor phone number or something?  I stuck the napkin into my shirt pocket and looked around to get a better sense of my immediate surroundings.

I could see that moments before I was sprawled just below a graffiti laden wall bordering the vacant lot.

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Alright this is getting weird — in a bad way.  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.  And what’s up with the strange mouse graffiti?   As I scrutinized the painting the heat began to get the better of me.  Sheer exhaustion compounded by sweat dripping into my eyes and…

What happened next would change my life forever.

It Began As A Joke...

29 April 2015 - 13:58

the idea of leaving bangkok and going to udon that is.  after receiving a series of random unusual sms....

usually i tell women i am dead broke, absolutely penniless - as a means to avoid.  sometimes you get an unusual response like the one from pui - a somewhat crazy and memorable lass from bangkok beat.  nevertheless, i'm only here for a few weeks so...ummm.... what????

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or this note from Gee, a self professed nice girl met at Climax at 3am.  she supposedly worked a kiosk at terminal, i never checked to verify.  she did get my heart thumping.... but whatever.

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then there was the bonafide crazy woman i met at insanity club - also probably about 3am - who topped out missed calls at 99 and kept going.   holy fuck - that did it.  i'm going to udon.

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and so i sent a few email dispatches to my friends from udon

alright - after making a friggin circle of the bars - omg - goodness gracious i need to head back to bangkok.  this is like a fucking awful scene - the girls are atrocious.   i think i saw one cutey and prayed she was indicative of the rest.  she wasn't.

good god.  i think i'm going to wake up early and just schedule a flight back to bangkok.  i mean there are a few bars here - but most of the girls are older and heavier than i am.  and they wear a ton of perfume.... HELP ME!!!!

the bars close at midnight.   i'm actually in the throes of depression.  i'll make one more cycle around 10pm and then call it.  97% odds will be solo.  

well hey, at least i got a night's rest right.  :)

going to cm soon.  here's how much i go back and forth or rush to judgment -- went back out for one last walk of the nightlife area last night and stopped to play pool at a corner bar of this area called "day/night".  girls were friendly and funny, nobody i was really into but hey... anyway some other girl then shows up out of nowhere who is like 90% my style (30, hard athletic body wearing daisy dukes and a cut off tank top - life truly got good).  name of ***.

long story short - stayed there and racked up a 3k baht bar tab (which ain't easy in udon, that's a lot of drinks for several people), but those girls had a good night and I didn't care.  i hook up with *** and she takes me to some place called Mr. Tongs.  now you gotta see this place to believe it.  Udon is def not bangkok, but Mr Tongs is like some upscale LA club on the inside and the staff are all dressed up and ultra professional and courteous.  it was just a strange phenomenon but a strange enough place that you gotta see it - small but a lot of almost baccarra-esque type girls dressed up and hanging around.  and this was def after hours.

anyway tonight she's taking me to some thai bars, should be interesting.  yeah, i stayed in udon and didn't go back to bangkok.  straight punk."


alright so it panned out kinda weird in udon.  when i sent you guys the last email good ol' *** had gone home and i was going to meet her later and then take off for some straight thai places - not another falang in sight.  that was the plan.  except starting a few hours later she called me like 13 times while i was trying to sleep - when i didn't answer she showed up at my hotel room un-announced.  whoa - i don't like that.  way too pushy and possessive for someone i haven't even known a full 24 hours.

so then i'm regretting it - and once again thailand turns me into a liar (i know - no excuse - it's lame).  i make up some story that i hurt my back falling down the stairs at work a couple weeks ago and i can't sleep or hardly move.  she offers to stay blah blah blah but i insist - no, i really need some sleep and rest - and she finally leaves.

what sucks is - the whole bar area in udon is so small i can't possibly go out to any of them and have her not know about it.  so i just stayed in.  fucking punk again. and she shows up again at the hotel - drunk - at like 11pm.  dafuqqqqqqqqq

anyway - just got to chiang mai


yeah.  to be continued.

and to paraphrase the great confucius:  "play that funky music white boy"   ;)

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