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28 May 2017 - 10:41

I"m a surgeon - a notable one, with rock steady hands, yet I'm an highly functioning alcoholic.  A lot of people find it very hard to believe I can be both, but it is true.

I live multiple lives, in the sense that noone could ever divine one from the other.

When I'm in Thailand I hire two bodyguards.  They are under strict instructions not to inflict harm on anybody - UNLESS it may harm my well being.  All I can say is that they've followed my instructions.

I'm a ghost.  I leave false trails.   I'm purposely vague and I pay my people very well.

Bi Bak Bong Tuk A Luk Doing Sokh

11 January 2017 - 02:32

I'm off to Cambodia where the language is like a high pitched bouncy ball being punctured by a tyre iron.  No less bouncy are the big titted whores with much fuller shapes and grander ideals that in my scheme of things, will suit me just fine, thankee much so.  One helluva trip report about to follow, because my friends - I'm speaking that language of love Khmer now like I was born to it - it's fully 'clicked' and ready to lock and load.

Sprinting Through The Sois

07 January 2017 - 13:30

So there I was pumping her hard, and my cock is like two coke cans stacked on each other. But I can't seem to get any leverage – so as I put it to her puckered arsehole and finally I'm getting some action, but as it cruelly turns out since we've both been on the peeve for three days, grabbing the occasional som tam or tom yum koong or even rad na, it's like her arse is full of grinding chip shop vinegar spiced with prik naam. In pain my fist flails out and with those sovvies on it – it kind of caught and shattered the glass fire alarm panel, but I didn't notice because I was trying to blow my load. Anyhow like I said I kept pumping and it was coming close god damn it! When someone knocked the door down with an axe and the authorities came charging in. . . Part 2 to follow. . .

2016 You're Fired! Step Up 2017

28 December 2016 - 09:01

It's that time of year again, will we put 2016 to bed with some nighty time soft blankets and soothe her brow?  Then will we snuggle under the blankets with her and whisper sweet nothings?  Or do we cast her out on the street for the lying whore she is?  I'll leave that up to you...

Thai TV was generally quite disappointingly bad this year.  There were some prolonged blackouts, followed by black and white broadcasts.  The virus even appeared to affect most Thai websites. I suspect Russian cyber hackers, because the NEWS told me so.  

Whilst we are on the subject, there is a monkey in a tree that is watching the news, and the most important thing is to watch his little face in high res - the twitter of his smirk, the roll of the eyes, the truth lies in his every facial expression.  Mind he is up in a very high tree and when the monkey is peering down the NEWS pipe we must accept all of this without question (don't shake the tree) - or do we?

I wouldn't want to get too sentimental, but the death of Bowie was a major blow.  

On the positive side - help me out! Okay I know science marched on relentlessly and there were several promising things there, otherwise nowt!  Of course there is always Chermarn Boonyasak, or Laila.  I've always got time for Chef McDang as well with the McDang show continuing to go gangbusters.  It's a very slim chance but mukbang might even catch on here, though I suppose it might be called gin taai tot.  Would love to see it here in the land of the sap bpa rot.

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Missing Stickman, we really need a decent wrap up of the nightlife situation - this post is already getting pretty long, so I'll add one in a bit, but if any enterprising fellow, especially the Stickmeister himself might wish to comment it would be highly appreciated!

All my predictions for 2016 came true!  Trump president, coup in Turkey, oil price dropping to $20 a barrel, etc.  Meanwhile other predictions became more solid, China devaluing it's currency for instance - but wait!  Predictions will follow.

So please advise, comments please are always appreciated - I'm in deep water here, but I've been modelling fairly good models out to 5 years now for a while, lol I've got quite a few cloud servers churning as I type (always good to outsource your problems), so I'll post an advisory on what will be in 2017, and most likely what will be 2022 shortly.

Tuk-Tuk Driver Rapes Australian Woman

13 December 2016 - 06:58

This was on one of the morning shows.  Found a link here:  http://www.bangkokpo...ustralian-woman

The police have CCTV footage of the women prior to the attack.  She is seen with a friend walking very unsteady down the Khao San Road.  At one point she braced herself for an imminent fall against a noodle street cart and was seen to be thwarting her lady friends attempts to help her.  She had clearly had to much to drink and should have been taken safely home to where her lodgings were.  

It's unclear whether her friend abandoned her to the Tuk-tuk jackals, who then  saw fit to take her to a 'nail' house where she was repeatedly abused.  Police are hunting down the perps, but it appears they've gone to ground like the very vermin they are.  

An emotional old local woman made a heart felt plea to the general public, to 'skin these scum alive'.  [I wouldn't wish to get on her bad side]