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Soi 7 Beergarden To Close?

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#1 Fiery Jack

Fiery Jack

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Posted 27 April 2017 - 05:13

I heard a rumour. Twice. Closing for 'renovation' around 'the end of April' was what I heard both times, to be precise, but, the way it's going on Lower Suk these days, I'm shitting my pants. :clown:

It is April now. The cruellest month. I am incoming soon. And Soi 7 Beergarden is to me as star charts are to sailors. :applause:

Tell me it ain't so. Anyone? :sad:

jack :help:
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#2 bust


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Posted 27 April 2017 - 08:19

Not sure how you renovate what is literally a tin shed. Demolition perhaps :dunno:
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#3 buffalo_bill


    Heart broken

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Posted 27 April 2017 - 09:25

Endless sadness, oh Jack , shall befall you on entering Soi 7 these days . All the shops and restaurants on the left have gone and are being demolished as per March 28th . The Stickman says that the Beergarden shall follow soon .

I have once shown the courage to eat something at Beergarden which I remember as one of the big wrong decisions in my life , on the other hand   met a mushroomfarmer from Nong Khai which offered deep insights in sexual behaviour of elderly Thai people . I did not visit the establishment ever since but would be extremely sad seeing it closed .

#4 Flashermac



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Posted 27 April 2017 - 11:10

Why not just let Godzilla rampage down Sukhumwit and tear the crap out of everything. The result would be about the same as the current "urban planning".  :(

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#5 Coss


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Posted 27 April 2017 - 19:32

Whilst the Biergarten is not my most favourite place in the whole of the world, I have been there more than a few times and wish to do so again. I would suggest that there is vacant space somewhere that the denizens will find, soon after any closing. Too much commerce to be ignored.

#6 Pretendingtobemale



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Posted 28 April 2017 - 01:27

One of the few places left from the 90's that hasn't changed much, even some of the "girls" are still there from the 90's!

For me was always an afternoon place, after lunch was best.

I've had many good times there, I remember meeting a midget (not dwarf) who weighted 30kgs, she'd had one baby, how I have no idea, must have looked weird when pregnant.

Anyway, she want to go with me, as I was so much younger and handsomer then. As I was with mates I said, go drink three beers, by then I'll be ready.

She came back after two beers, totally shattered, barely walking, and said "Arrr cunt wring no more beer burppppp"

I hadn't taken into account that someone weighing 30kgs that two beers was about the same as me drinking quite a lot more! So off we went and did the dead. She had amazing strech marks from being pregnant so I did her up the bum. She seems quite happy and was apparently her speciality. Funny lady.

Another good night was the only time I got a blowjob in a Taxi in Thailand. Took a girl I liked, and she started to blow me while riving to a short time hotel. I remember we drove the taxi the wrong way down the Soi.

I remember sitting there one time while waiting for Khun Sanuk and a bunch of mates who have long stopped posting here, and looking over my shoulder in the next booth I saw two girls going through a wad of photo's. In one photo one of the girls was totally naked being fucked up the arse.

As this was visual proof of what was available, and a great body and not a shark attack victim dressed as mutton I negotiated to take her on the spot. But she was waiting for the bloke in the photo, and I was waiting for Khun sanuk and friends, so her girlfriend said, "No worries, I tell your boyfriend you have to go see an aunty"

Off  we went., fucked her up the date and was back in time to meet KS and she slinked in the back to meet her boyfriend.

One very bad fuck I had from there was with a gal who sat on the floor of the short time hotel in front of me and started to give me a blow job before I could get my black work pants off, EXCELLENT I thought! Great enthusiasm and yep, what she ate for lunch must have been off, as she spewed all over my dick and front of my pants, just lovely! Green seaweed looking stuff hanging off my rapidly shrinking manhood. And I had another meeting to get too!

But the best time I had there was watching a young German family eat a late lunch, just as the crowd started to form.

Mum, who recognised on the spot that it was an open brothel, NOT a German beer garden was arguing with dad, Dad was pretending the place didn't exist had eyes focused on his sauerkraut and sausages and ignoring sauerkraut wife, son aged about 13 who couldn't keep his eye off all women in tiny outfits who kept waving at him and chatting as they walked past him going to the toilets out the back, meanwhile he also ignored his mum who kept saying to him "Don't talk to them" in German, and daughter 16 who given the hot weather was dressed in tiny top, tiny shorts and was a big girl for her age, pretty much every man there was eyeing her, she was smiling back at all the attention, the ladies working there seemed to take queue from sauerkraut wife and kept nudging the male friends not to look a the young white girl.

Ahh the mamories!
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#7 bust


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Posted 28 April 2017 - 03:19

I remember once chatting to a girl on LINE who I met on one of those dating sites.
Unbeknown to me she was sitting about 3 seats away from.

Only time I ever took anyone from there was a girl I started chatting to one day. Really hit it off. Never boned her but took her for dinner. She was fun.
"I get enough exercise just pushing my luck"

#8 buffalo_bill


    Heart broken

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 07:12

During a time which I remember as a phase of disorientation after I split up with lovely Nok and before I met extremely lovely Pam from Vientiane I occasionally visited aforementioned Beergarden in order to locate another love of my life . Apart from the mushroomfarmer I identified a woman with a large ass but an extremely sweet smile in her face . So we went off for further planning of the immediate future . The project came to a sudden death after we left the elevator in my hotel Soi 18 and she refused to enter the room because the door was painted in black colour . The name of the place is Park Plaza . I could escape from this crisis by sending madame home and exploring Soi 22 where I finally found Honey Bee massage , a place I still recommend as a heaven of peace and truely remarkable service .

What I wish to say is that beergarden should at least be kept alive as a starting point for further alternatives .

#9 migrant



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Posted 30 April 2017 - 16:11

First place I ever went in Thailand.  An English friend was showing me around and after one sip of beer I felt hands start massaging my neck.  Turned and saw a nice looking Thai lady, was quickly educated in the ways

#10 panadolsandwich


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 13:29

I think I went in there about circa 2005, and it seemed well past it's heyday, it was like that star wars movie where they enter an alien bar - even then.  In fact, unless you brought it up, I would assume it had shut down a long time ago.

Well I tell a lie, sometimes I like to grab a drink at the little restaurant in the arcade that leads to Soi 5 and I did poke my head in occasionally.  I try to support the Lumphini Whores in Retirement fund as much as I can, and we all should throw in some few baht on this sad and unhappy news.

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