Live sex show in Pattaya

2001-05-01 11:33:00
To : ALL
Last night I was walking up Soi Pattayaland 1 when I was stopped by a tout he showed me his card with all the usual Thai sex stunts but he also said they show male/female f**king show - it was on his card as male3female make love

The entrance fee was 200 baht and that included my first drink.

Has anybody tried this club before. Is it for real.I declined thinking it could be a Patpong type rip-off bar and settled for Rodeo girls a-gogo instead.

2001-05-01 15:16:00
What he ment to say was go look at Bakka in room 35 at APEX hotel he is going to do a live show....No it was correct they do have live sex shows in Pattaya but NOT in PATTAYALAND or not that I no of.....
You need go up Nakura road for that type of thing so I have been told
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2001-05-01 19:35:00
I know a club manager / owner who has a new bar just a short distance from the club you are talking about. From what I understand, they do have such "shows". But it is hard to say for how long. I watched such a show in an upstairs bar in Soi Diamond (the part of soi diamond which is but a small alley towards 2nd road) a few years ago. There was no cover charge, however. They pop up and shut down every so often. Imagine it depends upon how much they're paying into the local protection fund. But these type of shows are really on the shitlist of the new government. Moreso than ever before.

As I recall, you're looking for a teaching gig. Or, you are teaching. Did you find a job in Pattaya?